Posted by Vegito on Jan 7, 2012

Trigun: Season 1 – Episode 8 – And Between the Wasteland and Sky

Badlands Gang

Vash comes up with a plan to take over the the Steam Roller Ship by using Kite. Kits’s father built the ship and Kite has all of the blueprint plans he copied from his dad. He give Kite a radio device that only Vash can hear him from and on his way out into the hallway gets shot by one of the Bad Lands Gang.

Heavily injured Vash makes his way to through the ship only to be ambushed by Dynamite Neon. But Milly and Meryl ambush Dynamite by using a disguise to get past his men. Dynamite and Vash decide to settle this dispute with a good old fashioned shoot out between them, winner get what they want. If Vash wins, the ship gets stopped, and if Dynamite wins he gets to ram the Steam Roller down the cliffs to get to the safe.

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