Manga & Anime Artists

mazinger-zManga and Anime has come a long way since Macross, Starblazers, and Dragonball, and the genre is only getting better. Now Manga can be found in just about any store in Japan, and in America can be found in any major book store. Manga and Japanese animation has been produced as early as 1928 and now has exploded as one of the great literature types.

Manga is a style of art that has been produced in Japan since the 1900’s Manga. This style of art has been a huge part of the Japanese publishing industry and has a significant world wide audiences. You can kind of point out Manga style of art by the the over sized eyes of the characters, the detail in robots or mecha and the fast moving action, something that in the 80’s most comic book developers had a hard time developing on their own. Manga also has a style of being very adult with action, gore, and even sexual situations.

Anime is now a slang word that represents Japanese Animation. Anime is manga produced into an actual motion film or series.

Manga and Anime has always been known to push the envelope of what can be drawn, how characters react towards each other and most of all the maturity.  No Longer is anime only for kids, or it has to be some type of action, now anime can be extremely dark, happy dramas, and a tentacle here and there.

Here at Monkey Anime we praise those people because of their art and vision and most of all allowing us and their fans see their imaginations. Looking into manga and anime writer imaginations has spawned a whole new fan who collects the manga comics, collects the merchandise and collectibles, even go as far as cosplay (costume playing).

Manga and anime has become a true expression.

Here are the biographies on some of our favorite artists even if you do not know what they started or produced.

Akira Amano
Akira Toriyama
Eiichiro Oda
Gosho Aoyama
Hajime Isayama
Hiro Mashima
Hiromu Arakawa
Ichirō Ōkouchi
Jun Maeda
Masashi Kishimoto
Reki Kawahara
Sorachi Hideaki
Tite Kubo
Tsugumi Ohba
Tsugumi Ohba
Yoshihiro Togashi

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