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We are Monkey Anime and we want you to be a part of our ever growing website, this site is not a job for us, it’s more of a life style and we are growing our fan base as well as our writers every day. Our pages are developed by fans so that means that it is written by fans for fans. We are connoisseurs of Manga and Japanese Animation, or Anime.

So why advertise with us?

Well the reason you should advertise with us is because we are a completely focused market! If you are a local brick and mortar store, online store, or even a club that recommends anime or manga then our readers are already your customers. Now instead of hoping your club or store is being promoted in front of your target market you will be rest assured knowing that our whole website is your target market, and we are fun.

Is advertising easy with Monkey Anime?

Extremely easy! All you need to do is email us at with your business information and what kind of advertising you are looking for whether it is a banner ad, a full page review, or even just basic new product information. We can be bribed very cheap and are willing to build a relationship with our advertisers not just pay and go.

What kind of service do you offer?

We offer three types of accounts with Monkey Anime, we have Club, Brick and Mortar, and Online.  You can also have multiple accounts within the same account for example you may have a brick and mortar store with and online store as well, that would still be under your main business account and you can get great discount rates by packaging these types of services.

Club Accounts: Made for local clubs looking to expand their member base as well as tell their story about their club or events they are hosting. This is a perfect way that a large group of Cosplayers, Manga book clubs or Anime movie night clubs can get started.

This account is completely FREE, we give you a full page on our site telling our readers about your club and how they can get in touch with the club President. The only thing that we ask is that you give us an update about your club every month, this was we can tell our readers about you and how they can be a part of the club vision.

Brick & Mortar Accounts: This is for the small mom and pop style shops that just want people in the area know that they are exclusive to Anime and Manga products whether it be for the readers, collectors, or buyers this is a perfect opportunity to let our readers know where they can get all of their Japanese Animation Goodies in the local area.

These accounts are set price and are a one pay fee for life or as long as the business is running. This type of account is only 100.00 for a life time, meaning the life time of your business and will cover a monthly updates or sale you would like us to post on our site. For our Brick and Mortar store business owners that do not use the monthly sale page post with us we will contact them once a year just to make sure  the information on our site is current.

Online Business Store Accounts: These types of accounts are a lot more complicated and we would rather give you multiple avenues on our website. We can give you a full page informational guide, web banners, email marketing direct to our readers, and more. Most of our online advertisers pay a monthly flat rate but depending on the product you are selling we can find the best way to promote your online store and products on our site that will make sense. We are not looking to bust your wallet we are looking for a relationship that your business and our online magazine can share.

Advertise on Monkey Anime for free or Kind of free.

Advertise on Monkey Anime for free or Kind of free.

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