Free Advertisements: Fan Clubs

If you are a new fan club and want members to know who you are Monkey Anime can help! We offer free fan club advertisement on our web site and you will be featured on our front page as well as Fan Club groups. We accept anyone in the fantasy art realm of Anime, Sci-Fi, Comic book, RPG, Fandom. Here is what we would need!

1) A good one page write up about your group or club and your information such as where the club is located, contact information, and if you have any specific needs or requirements to join the group.

For Example: Cobra 3rd Night watch is a national group of people who love GI Joe and they dress up like the evil Cobra soldier characters. They will accept any member but requires you to have your own Cobra uniform and it must be accepted through the group commanders.

2) A large picture of your group to go with the write up (Please nothing “R” Rated) and see if you can get a picture of all of your members we require the images size to be a minimum of 1024 by 768 pixels large.

3) Once we get your group up, ask all of your member to start commenting on it, this will give you the ability to show our viewers what the members are really like and give your own voice to the masses.

4) You can always add new articles and promotions to our site and we will post them (moderated of course) but at least you can let our focused target group know exactly what your club is doing at all times.

You can email all of the information to:

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