About Us

Unveiling the World of Anime, One Show at a Time

Welcome to Monkey Anime, the definitive haven for fans of Japanese animation and artistry in the United States. Our journey began out of sheer passion and a desire to bring the intricate world of anime, from gripping TV shows and unforgettable movies to sought-after anime merchandise, closer to American fans.

While our repository also occasionally explores the realms of non-Japanese animation, our heart beats strongest for anime. Every piece of content we host is meticulously curated, ensuring authenticity and relevance. We’ve taken the road less traveled, opting for depth over breadth. This means we personally watch each anime, immersing ourselves in its universe, before sharing it with you. While our collection might still be blossoming, rest assured, it’s crafted with dedication and a commitment to quality.

A New Chapter with Evil Monkey Company

We’re thrilled to announce that Monkey Anime is now a proud member of the Evil Monkey Company family. As a consortium renowned for its commitment to offering enriching, free web-based information to fans and consumers, Evil Monkey Company is now our official sponsor and developer. Their expertise and guidance will only enhance the richness of the Monkey Anime experience.

Embark on this animated journey with us, as we unravel the mesmerizing world of anime. Together, let’s celebrate this art form and its power to transcend boundaries and unite enthusiasts from all corners.

Thank you for being a part of the Monkey Anime community. Your passion drives us.

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