Advertisements for Anime & Comic Book Stores

Are you a local Anime Store, Comic Book Store, or even something related? Well here at Monkey Anime we are all about connecting the fans to what they want right away and if you are a Brick and Mortar store front selling any of these items Monkey Anime can help you get extra business. The great part about this program is that it is absolutely a straight target market for fans of Manga and Anime.

This is how the program works, you send us the information of your brick and mortar store and we post it on our website based on State and city this we we help our fans and readers quickly find you and hopefully purchase some of your awesome goods.

This program is only 100 dollars, for a life time service! That is right we said life time which means you will never have to spend and extra cent with us for as long as your store is open and you can send us monthly updates of what you are selling and any sales you any have. That is right! Every month for a life time for just 100 bucks and never pay again.

This is the information we need from you in any format even basic text by email:

1) A write up about your store, start with the address, phone number, and easy directions to your place of business. Then follow up with a few paragraphs of what your store is all about and what kind of people come in or work there.

2) Send us some pictures of your shop, each image should be no smaller than 1024 by 768 pixels large. This will help our viewers know exactly what they are looking for as well as give you the opportunity to expose how cool your place looks inside and outside.

3) Send us constant updates about your store and any type of specials, right now we are getting thousands of viewers who want to know where they can get the best deals.

4) Tell your customers, friends, and family to check out and to comment on your pages, the more people see that your customers love you, the better chance you have of people coming straight to your store.

NOTE: If your business does not want to deal with all of this information we can call you and get that information from you on the phone for a 25 dollar charge, the reason is that it will take us some time to write up all of that information for you and our writers are busy most of the time with other projects but if you feel you would rather our creators develop your page for you then that is an easy snap.

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