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Soul Eater: Episode 7 – Black Blooded Terror – There’s a Weapon Inside Crona?

Soul Eater: Crona and Ragnarok

Soul Eater: Crona and Ragnarok

Maka and Soul go to Italy for extracurricular activities and to hunt for souls as well as find information for the academy looking for anything out of the ordinary. They come across a few minor evil souls and dispatch them quickly but Maka senses something, a Meister and weapon that seems to be dispatching normal good people. They find the Meister and Weapon, the meister is Crona, a meek thin boy who seems to be confused but with very good swordsmanship but the weapon is the legendary evil Sword Ragnarok.

Crona is being controlled and persuaded by a witch named Medusa who is set on having Crona and Ragnarok eat as many souls as possible to become a Keishin. By consuming hundreds of good souls Ragnarok gets stronger and stronger by the day. But Crona and Ragnorok share an unsual symbiotic bond, Ragnarok is not only a weapon but a part of Crona and even makes Crona’s blood black.

As Maka and Soul battle Crona, Ragnarok has another powers in his sleeve, his screams are so high pitched he can virbrate at such a high frequesncy that every time Soul is able to block an attack he gets injured. Maka has no choice but to only dodge Crona’s attacks, but can Maka dodge long enough to come up with a plan of attack of her own?

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