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Soul Eater: Episode 16 – Fierce Battle Aboard the Ghost Ship – The Hell Inside My Head?

Soul Eater: Black Dragon Crona Ragnarok

Soul Eater: Black Dragon Crona Ragnarok

Death the kid engages battle with Crona and Ragnarok! Ragnarok has swallowed all of the souls in the Ghost Ship Nidham and is more powerful then ever. Crona is not sure if he wants to fight but Ragnarok is the alpha male in their relationship and forces Crona to fight Kid. Once Ragnarok has swallowed all of the souls he shows his true color and becomes a large Black Dragon that Crona is attached to.

While Kid fights Crona, he is disgusted at Crona for being so weak and allowing Ragnarok to control him. Crona’s soul is weak and should be stronger to control a weapon like Ragnarok. Kid, Patty, and Liz are a little too much for Crona and Ragnarok to handle so they escape with all of the souls to give to the mystery Keishin. But they give one important clue, the Keishin they are  giving the souls to is “The one right next to you.”.

Back at the DMWA (Death Meister Weapon Academy) Dr. Stien is very suspicious of Nurse Medusa and believes she is a witch so he send Zombie Meister Sid to investigate her. Medusa knows that Dr. Stein is suspicious of her and does her best to hide her true colors.

When Death the Kid gets back to the Academy he asks his father Death about the “Keishin right next to you.” and realizes there is a reason why Death can never leave the academy and this clue can be the truth.

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