Posted by Vegito on Jan 4, 2012

ROBOTECH: We Will Win – Limited Edition EP Music CD

New 2011 Robotech Music CD

WE WILL WIN!!! now through you can purchase the original sound track of one of the largest Anime master pieces in the United States, the Anime that started it all. You can now imagine your self in a Veritech Fighter (AKA: Your Car) swooping through the Zentradi Battle Force (Traffic) fighting for the SDF-1  as Minmay is singing through your com system pushing the Zentradi out of control and making them easy targets as you change to guardian mode and taking the fight to them.

Okay maybe not that extreme but this CD is perfect for any Robotech fan since the Robotech Collection CD.

This CD disc contains the following tracks:

01 – We Will Win (classic Minmei version)
02 – We Will Win (third verse)
03 – We Will Win (piano solo)
04 – We Will Win (instrumental)
05 – We Will Win (guitar solo)
06 – “Take two”
07 – We Will Win (complete version)
08 – “Yeah!”
09 – “Take one”
10 – The Way to Love (Minmei version)
11 – Robotech Main Title (enhanced version)
12 – The Way to Love (piano solo)

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