Posted by Vegito on Apr 26, 2011

Robotech: The New Generation

Robotech: The New Generation – Earth has been taken over by a new alien called the Invid looking for the Flower of Life, and since Earth was left defenseless from the long battles of the Zentradi, and then the Masters the Invid took Earth in one fail swoop. Admiral Rick Hunter sends a fleet of ships the REF (Robotech Expeditionary Force) to Earth to reclaim their home world. The REF is not prepared when they reach earth and every ship and veritech are destroyed except one sole survivor Scott Bernard.

Scott Bernard is determined to complete his mission as well as avenge his fiance Marlene. On his way he meets up with Nomad Rand, and ex-gang member Rook Bartley, and Old RDF (Robotech Defense Force) Mechanic Lunk, a cross dressing singer Yellow Dancer AKA Lancer, a little girl Annie LaBelle and the mysterious Invid girl Marlene named after Scott Bernard himself. With the help of his small resistance force and friends he aims to take on the Invid hive himself.

This series is awesome in the character development that matches the original Macross series and the brand new Alpha Veritech Fighters and Cyclone battloid motorcycles the series is jammed packed with action and heavy in real story line telling.


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