Posted by Vegito on Dec 27, 2011

Macross II (2) – Episode 1: Contact

Macross 2 Anime Series

UN Spacey Earth Defense force has be come relaxed since the last Zentradi war over 80 years ago, relying on the Minmay Defense that forces The Zentradi Aliens to become confused over emotions and music as the UN Spacey Valkyrie ships to easily destroy the enemy. A new breed of Zentradi aliens have come to attack Earth named the Marduk who use their own style of battle songs through what they call Emulators, women who sings songs to the troops that inspire their need for battle.

This series is focused on Hibiki Kanzaki, a news reporter for SNN who gets a huge lesson of the truth, that earth is not the center of the universe and that UN Spacey is not immortal. He covers the first battle engagement with the Marduk and get the best footage of his life while realizing that war is hell and that he must keep an open mind on both sides of it.

During the battle he flies into a Marduk Battle ship and finds an Emulator named Ishtar unconscious and decides to take her back to earth with the greatest footage he has ever shot and a story of a life time.

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