Posted by Vegito on May 28, 2013

KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple – (S1-E2) The Beginning of the Fight!


Kenichi Training at Ryozanpaku

Kenichi Training at Ryozanpaku

Kenichi only has a week to learn how to take care of the big bully Karate Club leader at his school and everyone at the Ryozanpaku school of martial arts seem to be using the Karate Kid approach and having him do all kinds of training that has nothing to do with throwing a punch or kick. Kenichi is beginning to feel that all of these masters have nothing to offer him. But with Miu there and so much time invested he has no choice but to trust what he is learning from each Martial arts teacher leading up to the fight.

During the week however Kenichi must hide during lunch and quickly move through hallways so that he does not have to face the bully before the big day. He is determined to make sure he is ready for everything.

A day before the fight Kenichi still has no clue on a strategy to beat this skilled bully until last minute Kensei Ma the Chinese Kenpō teacher give him one fool proof technique to defeat this Karate Bully. For the final showdown!

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