Posted by Vegito on Apr 27, 2011

Corpse Princess

In the world today there is a war going on with undead corpses called Shikibane and humans but all of this happens in secret away from the eyes of the living. There are beings in the world called  Shikibane Hime who are Shikibane but they have allowed themselves to be transformed into protectors and killers of Shikibane. Since Shikibane’s are souls who are not satisfied with their lives they are destined to go to hell, but a Shikibane Hime  can work for the church, and kill 108 Shikibane and their sins will be absolved and they can go to heaven. Each Shikibane Hime is paired with a contract monk who serves as a guide and magical or healing support. One Shikibane Hime named Makina has a mysterious past but it has a lot to do with the way she died and all she wants is for vengeance and to kill her 108 Shikibane to get into heaven, armed with nothing but her Contract Monk Keisei Tagami, and 2 MAC-11 submachine guns, Makina Hoshimura has become the perfect weapon against Shikibane.

This Anime is action packed!!!

A warning though, the ending is a little confusing and a little unsatisfying but all in all a very well done series.

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