Posted by Vegito on Apr 27, 2011

Casshern Sins: Episode 1 – At the End of the World

Casshern wakes up not knowing who he is or what he is, he find a small girl playing around and he decides to ask her questions about the things around him. All of a sudden a band of robots decide they want to scare the little girl, but then they recognize Casshern. The want to eat him because a legend says if you devour Casshern you will be immortal. Not only do the tell him this legend they also tell him he is the reason why the earth is barren and destroyed because he “Killed the sun, named moon”. they quickly attack Casshern and for some reason Casshern goes into an automatic rage destroying all of the robots around him, a relentless onslaught of destruction until the little girl robots asks him to stop, he wakes up from his trance and realizes he is surrounded by his own destruction.

This Brilliant series starts off on the right foot and if you enjoy good old fashion violence then this series will start off just right for you.

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