Posted by Vegito on Jun 20, 2011

Black Butler

Black Butler is a great Anime about a boy Ciel Phantomhive and his Demonic Butler Sebastian. Ciel’s mother and father were burned alive in the Phantomhive mansion estate and two years later Ciel comes back home in the newly rebuilt mansion. With him a fantastic Butler named Sebastian who seems to be the perfect Butler. Along with the house staff; Bardroy the house cook, Finnian a super strength gardener, Mey-Rin a very clumsy maid, and Tanaka the original house butler stricken by old age.

Ciel and Sabastian seen to have more than a Butler/Master relationship and a very dark past. They have a contract together that is symbiotic. Ciel wants revenge on the people who had a hand at his parents death, and in return once Ciel gets his revenge Sabastian will receive Ciel’s perfect luscious soul. But not only do they have this relationship, Ciel is also a lap dog for the Queen of England as the specialist in Dark Realms of investigations.

Black Butler is a Manga Comic developed, written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. The story is set in 1900’s England and the characters are set as so. This Anime is a great littler series and is very original and imaginative. Each episode of Black Butler gets more and more mysterious about the history of each character and has very light and dark moments.

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