Posted by Vegito on Jun 20, 2011

Black Butler – Episode 2: His Butler, Strongest

Angelina Durless, Ciel’s aunt also known as madame Red visits Ciel at the Phantomhive estate. So the staff must frantically upgrade their duties and make sure that they show the same courtesy they show all other visitors, during the clean up the young master Ciel Phantomhive is kidnapped and is later ransomed.

Sebastian goes to his rescue but not after making an elegant exit from Angelina and guests to find the young master through the clues left at the estate. During the investigation Ciel is tied up and while being abused and tortured seems extraordinarily calm through out the whole situation. Once Sebastian finds young master Ciel he is gunned down and shot multiple times before rescuing his master.

But just like the Black Butlers form Sebastian shows why he is, “One Hell of a Butler”.

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