Posted by Vegito on Jun 20, 2011

Black Butler – Episode 1: His Butler, Able

The Phantonhive estate is getting prepared for a huge business meeting as the Captian of industry will meet with the master Ciel Phantomhive about the Fantom Company businesses. He wishes more money for the expansion of Fantom toys to be produced in new countries and areas. But He has already sold off one of the Fantom companies without telling anyone about it and wants more money in a scheme to rip off the Phantomhive’s bank accounts.

But all day it seems like none of the Phantomhive estate can get any thing right before the Captain comes.  Bardroy ends up using a blow torch and burning the food, Finnian accidentally destroys a part of the house, and Mey-Rin breaks multiple items while cleaning but as Sebastian finds all of these things to be to much for each staff member he reminds them he is “One Hell of a Butler” and does his best to clean everything up before the Captains arrival.

The sleazy Capitan of industry arrives and thinks he has the upper hand and can not wait to acquire more money from the unsuspecting Ciel. But he does not realize that the Black Butler Sebastian has a ace up his sleeve and will get his revenge on the dirty crooked Captain.

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