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Yu Yu Hakusho: The Spirit Detective Saga – Episode 7

Yu Yu Hakusho – The Spirit Detective Saga

Series 1- Volume 2 – Episode 7

Gouki and Kurama

Barely surviving his fight with Gouki (with the help of Boton), Yusuke wakes up in his bed with a new found respect for the demons strength but still with a job to do. Yusuke finds the demon in the middle of eating a young girls soul and the battle begins anew. With Gouki’s impenetrable skin and Yusukes underdeveloped new found powers he has to find a way to get all the souls back to their rightful owners before they can be digested by the demon.

With one artifact back where it belongs and one demon taken care of, Yusuke starts his search for the second one. Yusuke runs into Kurama and instead of a fight the demon asks for three days. Yusuke learns that Kurama is really a demon in a humans body and that Shuichi is his human name. Kurama plans on using the artifact to aid his human mother that has fallen ill, Yusuke has to decide whether to take Kuramas word and allow him to use the Forlorn Hope to save his mother or to stop the demon from going through with the use of the artifact.


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