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Yu Yu Hakusho: The Spirit Detective Saga – Episode 6

Yu Yu Hakusho – The Spirit Detective Saga

Series 1- Volume 2 – Episode 6

Three Monsters

Yusukes first day back to school is interrupted by his first case as spirit detective, three powerful demons have stolen three artifacts from the spirit world that could spell doom for the Earth. The three artifacts have the power to turn humans into monsters, grant wishes, or even steal souls from children. It is Yusukes job to track down the demons and bring them to justice, but for Yusuke having just realized his powers as spirit detective it won’t be as easy as he thinks. With Boton and Koenma guiding him from spirit world, Yusuke has a week to get the artifacts back.

Yusuke follows a lost soul to the demon with one of the artifacts and stumble on the three demons as they gather together and begin to plan out their next move. Kurama, Hiei, and Gouki three strong demons with ideas of their own, in the use of the items are caught by surprise by the new spirit detective. In a quick and painful battle with Gouki (a demon Juggernaut) Yusuke finds out that its going to take a lot more than just punches to bring these thiefs down.


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