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Yu Yu Hakusho: The Spirit Detective Saga – Episode 5

Yu Yu Hakusho – The Spirit Detective Saga

Series 1- Volume 2 – Episode 5

Yusuke’s Back

Now that Yusuke has earned the right to live once more he has only to return to his body, but there is a condition that comes with his resurrection. In order to come back to the land of the living Yusuke must get a donation of life energy from a living person and he only has one night to get the donation, a donation taken on the lips. Yusuke needs to visit the three people that care for him the most in their dreams and send out the call for a kiss. When Kuwabara blows the dream off, Kayko’s mom in the hospital, and Yusuke’s mom out on one of her all week drinking trips, Yusuke has to find a way to get a kiss by the stroke of midnight.

Back in the land of the living Yusuke jumps right back into his old habits, and when some bullies from a different part of town begin to blackmail Kuwabara by holding his cat hostage, Yusuke jumps right in. During the fight Yusuke notices that the leader of the pack has horns and soon realizes the boy is possessed. After the capture of the demon, Koenma and Boton tell Yusuke that he is Earth’s new spirit detective and no the position is not optional.


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