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Yu Yu Hakusho: The Spirit Detective Saga – Episode 11

Yu Yu Hakusho – The Spirit Detective Saga

Series 1 – Volume 3 – Episode 11

Hard Fights for Yusuke

In his fight with Kibano (a master in every style of martial arts) Yusuke is at a distinct disadvantage; Yusuke possessing no spiritual awareness and Kibano sporting a mask of his own making designed to enhance his own spiritual awareness it seems as though the spirit detective doesn’t have a chance. With some last minute improvising the spirit detective uses his spirit gun in an attempt to finish the fight. Yusuke gets out of the fight beaten and battered but as the victor in the end.

The semi-finals take the combatants outside on to the sight of an ancient battle, a place where the remaining contestants spirit energies will be at their peak. Unfortunately for Yusuke his card has been drawn again and he has to fight another fight right away. His battle is against a rested and revitalized Kazemaru, a deadly bodyguard that fought earlier in the tournament and revealed a power like Yusukes spirit gun but much more powerful. As the battle intensifies and Kazemarus exploding shurikens get closer Yusukes finds himself in another fight that might end up with him dead.


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