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Yu Yu Hakusho: The Spirit Detective Saga – Episode 10

Yu Yu Hakusho – The Spirit Detective Saga

Series 1 – Volume 3 – Episode 10

Kuwabara’s Spirit Sword

The final test from Genkai is a tournament between the final 8 contestants, one on one until only one is left. The contestants must face each other in a pitch black room, where only their spiritual awareness can guide them. Before the tournament can get on its way Kuwabara tells Yusuke he senses a powerful but dangerous spirit with them, which lets the spirit detective know that Rando is still lurking around and is one of the other six fighters.

In the third match of the mini tournament Kuwabara goes against Musashi, a four degree black belt from a Kendo school. On paper and experience Kuwabara pales in comparison; also Musashi can disguise his own spirit energy so Kuwabara can’t see him. However, what Kuwabara lacks in the other categories he makes up in pure toughness, determination and heart. In the mist of the fight Kuwabara in response to a near fatal attack, he materializes a sword made of spirit energy but it my not be enough to save his life. Next in the tournament is Yusuke as he faces down Kibano, a master of every martial art there is.


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