Posted by Vegito on Jan 8, 2012

X-Men (Anime 2011) – Episode 6 – Conflict

X-Men Anime Wolverine

The X-Men team go back to Japan to inoculate the rest of the mutants who might be suffering from secondary mutations and DHS. But since the last time the X-Men have been in the city other strange things have happened fish have popped up dead in the rivers and lakes, and the rail road structure has been mangled. When the X-Men go to investigate they find the water source has a weird color, and the railroad structures looks like Magneto pulled it out and twisted it up, which is impossible since he is imprisoned.

Through Beast’s examinations on the people he has come up with a radius of where the secondary mutations may have originated from. The X-Men launch into action to find the source and come across another Biotech armored villain U-Men who has developed a machine that can destroy all of the X-Men using their own powers against them. But this time the U-Men have more battle data to make this mission and easy one.

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