Posted by Vegito on Jan 8, 2012

X-Men (Anime 2011) – Episode 5 – Unity

The new Junior X-Men Hisako

The X-Men settle back in at the Xavier Mansion, taking a load off and getting focused on the next mission that might come up. While Beast runs tests on Emma Frost’s second mutation they find her turning into diamond is benign and will not put her into DHS (David Holler Syndrome). With the great news they must go back to Japan and inoculate the rest of the city they came from so that the inhabitants so not suffer from the second mutation disease.

During this time Wolverine and Cyclops decide to train Hisako on her powers and give her the ability to control it. Because her mutant power is so powerful, it consumes her each time she has had to use it. Scott Summer (Cyclops) give her a hard lesson in reality, life and death situations and forces her to fight him without holding back.

Xavier decides to make Hisako a junior X-Men, and Emma Frost an integral part of the X-Men with huge disappointment from Cyclops. He feels Hisako is not ready and Emma Frost could still be the person who helped end Jean Greys life. Emma allows Professor X to probe her mind so that Cyclops will finally stand at ease.

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