Posted by Vegito on Jan 8, 2012

X-Men (Anime 2011) – Episode 4 – Transformations

X-Men Anime Wolverine

The X-Men escape the U-Men’s fortress mountains with the missing mutants. On the way out they are attacked from behind and in the chaos Emma Frost protects Hisko with her body which transforms into diamond. She is confused and scared about this transformation because it is associated with secondary mutations which is known to develop into DHS (David Holler Syndrome) which has side effects of going crazy and loosing control. Beast thinks it is in the best interest of Emma if the X-Men take her back to New York to the Xavier Mansion for more studies on the process.

Taking the blackbird back to New York, the X-Men are attacked again by another mutant which tries to bust through the hull of the jet. Wolverine must jump outside and defeat this monster before it punches through the glass and kills everyone inside. This monster is a mutant that has contracted the secondary mutation and the DHS has completely set in, making this person a violent psychotic killing machine.


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