Posted by Vegito on Jan 8, 2012

X-Men (Anime 2011) – Episode 3 – Armor

The New X-Men Anime All Together

The X-Men have found the source of the missing mutants in Japan, and have beaten the gate keepers in front of the mountain to reach the area. They find a few of the missing mutants in stasis tube where they seem to be sleeping peacefully. Scott Summers (Cyclops) finds one tube very interesting which is a woman who he believes controlled Jean Grey to her death. He is forced to hold back his initial reaction which is to kill this woman.

Once they release 2 of the Mutants from the tubes, they find the girl that was last seen Hisako a young Japanese girl and the woman that Cyclops already despises, Emma Frost. Emma explains to Cyclops that the woman he though he saw control Jean Grey could not be her because she left that organization a few month prior, the Inner Circle. Cyclops refuses to believe her since her power is telepathy and it is possible she is just controlling their minds.

One of the U-Men’s leaders decides to stop the X-Men himself and attacks them in the mountain. His technology armor he is using seems to negate all of the X-Men powers even together taking every advantage that the X-Men has and making it a very large disadvantage. He is fixed on killing the X-Men and harvesting their organs for his own evil plans.

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