Posted by Vegito on Jan 8, 2012

X-Men (Anime 2011) – Episode 2 – Mutant Hunt

Cyclops (Scott Summers)

With Scott Summer (Cyclops) leading the charge, the X-Men rush to Tohoku, Japan in their jet the Blackbird and investigate the city where many missing mutants used to live. It was Xaviers plan to investigate the city first because he is not able to use Cerebro to locate any mutants in the area. Turns out over 20 mutants have vanished, and recently a little girl named Hisako who was coming home from school.

The problem seems to be coming from the mountain area, so the X-men follow the trail only to have the Blackbird shot out from underneath them. Once crash landed on the ground Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and beast are ambushed by destructive robots that have the distinction of being produced by U-Men an evil organization of scientist that use mutant powers to destroy humanity. The X-Men believe this organization is the one behind the disappearances based on the proof before them.

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