Posted by Vegito on Jul 22, 2012

Vandread: Episode 1 – Boys Meets Girl

In a segregated Galaxy between men and women the 2 gender sides do battle and are war with each other. The men call themselves the Taraak and the Women call themselves the Mejere.

A third class citizen named Hibiki Tokai speaks largely around his peers and decides to try to steal the new men’s military secret weapon, the Van Series Mecha called the Vanguards. While the Military is having the grand showing of the new Van Series Robot, Hibiki is able to sneak into the holding area of the Vanguards but he is caught by the Military Police and is sentenced to death. Hibiki is then thrown in a holding cell and awaiting his demise.

The Mejere attack the Taraak during the unveiling ceremony and are able to take over one of the old capitol ships. During the take over Hibiki escapes his cell and runs into one of the “evil women” named Dita who feels she is starring at an alien and decides to name him, “Mr. Alien” since she has never seen a male before in her life. Hibiki along with Duelo McFile and Bart Garsus are the only men left on the Capitol ship taken over by the Mejere.

The Taraak Capitan of the opposing New Capitol ship decides to destroy the older Capitol ship that the Mejere have taken over. They would rather destroy it then let it land in enemy hands.

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