Posted by Vegito on Jan 7, 2012

Trigun: Season 1 – Episode 9 – Murder Machine

Wolf Wood

Vash is on a bus with Meryl and Milly on their way to May City, across the distance Vash spots a man with a huge Cross wrapped in cloth in the middle of the desert. They pick the man up, his name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood and he is a wandering priest. Him and Vash get along right away and become instant friends.

During a quick bus stop, they are attacked by crab like tanks and are forced to run away, but one of the passengers leaves her child behind on accident. Vash quickly leaves to bus to rescue the girl and close to follow is Wolfwood.

Once they have rescued the little girl they both get trapped in quick sand and are lowered into a huge space ship where these tanks are being produced at an alarming rate. It is up to Vash and Wolf to shut the spaceship down before there are too many tanks produced.

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