Posted by Vegito on Jan 7, 2012

Trigun: Season 1 – Episode 7 – B.D.N.

Dynamite Neon

The people of Inepril City decide to celebrate the night with Vash as he has saved their town twice since being there. Vash decides to leave the city on the Sand Steam Roller that came into the town. He tries to leave quietly so he can be alone but Meryl and Milly find a way to follow him even if it means working part time on the Sand Steam Roller.

The captain of the ship tried to enlist Vash for personal security but Vash wants nothing to do with it. Instead he finds a small boy running around in the vent ducts. This boy is claims he is a stow away trying to get away from his abusive family but he is actually working for criminal pirates who call them selves the Bad Lands Gang, headed by Dynamite Neon Now.

The Bad Lands gang, take over this ship while Vash is asleep and the money take is not so great. But they find a huge safe in the middle of the ship with no way to open it. Their new plan consists of breaking the ship in half to loot the safe.

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