Posted by Vegito on Jan 5, 2012

Trigun: Season 1 – Episode 6 – Lost July

Vash the Stampede and Elizabeth

Since saving Inepril City from the Nebraska brothers Vash lets the city people turn them in for a 700,000 double dollar reward which allows them to rebuild the power plant. A large ship comes to the city carrying a woman named Elizabeth who hires Vash as her personal bodyguard.  Elizabeth is a plant engineer who needs protection from assassins.

During the rebuild of the power station it begins to overload and Elizabeth and Vash go to investigate the problem and find an assassin waiting for Vash along with Elizabeth who really wants vengeance on Vash. Elizabeths city Jilan was destroyed and she blames Vash for the whole thing, and even though not a single citizen of Jilan was killed the aftermath was even worse. The people of Jilan turned on each other, starvation ran rampant, along with killings.


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