Posted by Vegito on Apr 26, 2011

Strait Jacket

In the year 1899 the use of sorcery has become dominant across the world, and all of the worlds technology now uses sorcery as the main power for all of the basic needs everything from medicine, transportation, and even war.

Because of these advances with sorcery has become dominant the Magic Administration Bureau has been formed to make sure that the use of magic is within regulations and not over used. Because of use of Sorcery can cause horrific abominations in the person using it who then become “Demons”. No one really knows what causes demons but the Bureau does their best to make sure that each Demon is vanquished with their police support and specialized “Tactical Sorcerers”.

A terrorist group begins to develop larger which causes more Demons to be released, so many that in the specific district that Strait Jacket takes place there is not enough Tactical Sorcerers to engage each Demon. Needing help the Bureau must hire a Rogue unlicensed Tactical Sorcerer named Leiot Steinberg who travel with an odd girl who wants to kill him. So with mystery around every corner as to why the increase of Demons are being released and loose cannon Leiot helping it is a complete mess, even more so as each Tactical Sorcerer using too much magic gets dangerously close to becoming demons themselves.

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