Posted by Vegito on Jan 21, 2013

Soul Eater: Episode 9 – Legend of the Holy Sword – Kid and Black Star’s Great Adventure?


Soul Eater Excaliber

Soul Eater Excaliber

Soul is still injured from his fight with Crona and is on bed rest and down for the count as Maka sits by his side. During his battle with Ragnarok he was cut by the evil weapon and has become infected by him causing Soul to have night terrors. Medusa is able to infiltrate the Meister Weapon Academy as a nurse and watches what is happening to Soul since she is the one who created Crona and Ragnarok in the first place. She carefully examines what is happening to Soul, the Black Blood is changing him.

Black Star is punished because of his inability to acquire any souls but he is able to stay at the school because of his incredible raw power. His punishment includes cleaning up the Library, at the same time Kid is looking for a book  about the legendary old sword Excaliber, a sword that even Professor Stein is not able to handle. Death the Kid and Black Star decide to go on a quest to find this weapon since this weapon is supposed to give everlasting fame and Glory, according to the legend.

One Black Star’s and Death Kid’s journey they find the cave the sword is placed in and find Excaliber out in the open. But are they both able to handle this weapon’s personality traits and extreme demands.


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