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Soul Eater: Episode 6 – The New Student: Kid’s First Day at the Academy – Will it be an Entrance to Remember?

Soul Eater - Soul and Black Star Working Together

Soul Eater – Soul and Black Star Working Together

Since Death the Kid forced his father Death to enroll him into the Meister/Weapon academy rumors have surrounded the school of a new student with extremely powerful talents. But when Black Star hears that people are talking about this new student and not him his ego takes over and must meet this new person to destroy him. To complicate things even more he trades out his Scythe Tsubaki for Maka’s Scythe, Soul.

Before Kid’s first day of school he is greeted by Black Star who accidentally breaks a part of the School that makes the school no longer symmetrical. This sends Death the Kid’s OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) into over drive and decides that Black Star and Soul need to be taught a lesson. But the lesson Black Star and Soul immediately learn is that not every soul is compatible and they are unable to team up. Not even their close bond of friendship can over come this obstacle and almost ends up killing the both of them in the process.

But Kid does not care about their mis-hap and decides to show a small portion and true power of a Grimm Reapers son. Can this battle end without anyone dying, and is Black Stars ego powerful enough to defeat Kid.

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