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Soul Eater: Episode 4 – Engage the Witch Hunter! A Remedial Lesson in the Grave Yard.

Sid 3 Star Meister Soul Eater

Sid 3 Star Meister Soul Eater

Now the real story begins! Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki hear of a rumor that one of their 3 star meister’s and professor Sid has become a Zombie. In the middle of class all four are called upon to Deaths office to discuss their future with the Death Weapon Meister Academy. They call upon death using the calling card of any reflective surface “42-42-564 whenever you want to knock on Deaths door.”

Death appears and lets the classmates know that they need remedial lesson and they must find Sid in the graveyard. There they must take on Sid and if they fail they will be expelled from the school since none of them have collect a single soul to date. Not only must they capture or destroy Sid they must also find out who has made him into a zombie.

Fighting Sid has been too much for the four of them and Maka and Soul decide to use their ultimate weapon the  Soul Resonance. To use Soul Resonance both of their soul wavelengths must be perfect to produce the Witch Hunter which has never worked in the past.

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