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Soul Eater: Episode 3 – Death the Kids Magnificent Mission!

Death The Kid Wallpaper

Death The Kid Wallpaper

The prologue is still developing and this is the introduction of Death the kid, who is Deaths son. Born as a reaper Death the Kid has 2 weapons which are twin pistols who are sisters Liz and Patty. Death lets his son know since he has 2 weapons he must collect double the amount of evil souls. Liz is the older sister who is taller and more mature while Patty is the shorter more busty immature one. All Three make an unbeatable team except for one major flaw Death the kid suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) where everything in his life must be symmetrical.

Kid takes one of the hardest bounties on the mission boards which is the Pharaoh Anubis. He becomes engrossed on how symmetrical the Pharaohs pyramid is and falls in awe. But as his curse consumes him in the middle of his mission he leaves the pyramid to check to see if the painting in his home is positioned exactly in the center and leaves Patty and Liz on their own to fight the evil mummy army which leads them to be captured.

After Kid Death comes back to the pyramid he must fight Anubis and get his sacred weapons back.

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