Posted by Vegito on Apr 26, 2011

Soul Eater: Episode 2 – I Am the Star! The Big Man is Showing Up Here?

Focusing on retrieving the 99 souls and one witch Meister Black Star is overly confident and cocky about his next assignment that deals with a mobster named Al Capone. His weapon scythe Tsubaki tries to mentor him in being humble and more tactical instead of running into battle head first.

Once they go to defeat Alcapone they find that him and his henchmen have already been defeated and a lone swordsman named Mifune is the last person standing. He tells Black Star and Tsubaki that he is the Witch Angela’s body guard and he does not wish to fight them, but only to leave the Witch Angela alone and continue thier journey some where else.

Black Star being head stubborn rushes into battle with Mifune who is a lot more powerful then he seems. Using a powerful attack where he covers the battlefield with swords it is up to Black Star and Tsubaki to defeat him before they reach the Witch Angela.


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