Posted by Vegito on Jan 31, 2013

Soul Eater: Episode 15 – The Soul Eating Black Dragon – Scaerdy-Cat Liz and Her Merry Friends?

Soul Eater: Nidhog Sea Ship

Soul Eater: Nidhog Sea Ship

A town is attacked by a mysterious Mist Monster and a chunk of the town has been bitten off, literally. The villager are all frighten that the monster will make a come back and finish off the town for good. They fear the Black Dragon!

Death the Kid goes to set out to find the Mist Monster. Once he find the monster he realizes it is actually the Ghost Ship Nidhog a legendary ghost ship that destroys ships and kills sailors. Kid can sense all of the souls inside of the ship and is curious  why it soul collect souls and not eat them, but the captain of the Nidhog has a different plan which is to take Kid’s, Patty, and Liz’s soul. Plus Liz is extremely scared of ghosts which makes her completely useless during this mission and even more so since Death the Kid does not feel symmetrical without her help.

After their investigation they find that the ship is not collection souls for itself but as an offering to a Keishin that the captain will not name. Also and unexpected guest comes, Crona the Black Blooded Meister with weapon Ragnarok.

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