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Soul Eater: Episode 13 – The Man With the Magic Eye – Soul and Maka’s Diverging Soul Wavelength?

Soul Eater: The Ean with the Magic Eye, Freedom

Soul Eater: The Ean with the Magic Eye, Freedom

Prisoner 13, the man with the Magi Eye has escaped from Witches prison, compliments of Witch Ribbit and Medusa. He renames himself Freedom and must complete a task for his prison break that requires him to kill Maka and Soul. Medusa has ulterior motives, she wishes to see what the Black Blood in Soul is doing to him and this is the perfect opportunity to see her experiment at work. Freedom is the legendary Werewolf that is immortal and the witches eye he has stolen from another Witch gives him to ability to use magic. The problem with him is that he is out of practice with his magic.

Maka and Soul have extra lessons developed by Dr. Stein, he has put them into a room with magic candles that heighten their emotions. His lesson for them is to be completely open with one another by telling each other the faults they have, this is a much harder lesson to learn because this could break the bond they have with one another. If their bond is broken then the will no longer be able to work together effectively.

Freedom finds Maka and Soul and attacks them directly but their wavelengths are off. Black Star comes to the rescue and uses Tsubaki’s Enchanted sword transformation with devastating results. Soul and Maka are alone in this fight and with their wavelengths off will they be able to slay Freedom?

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