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Soul Eater: Episode 12 – Courage That Beals Out Fear – Maka Albarn’s Great Resolution?

Soul Eater: Soul and Maka

Soul Eater: Soul and Maka

Soul has recovered from a major injury that Ragnrock gave him, but his injury has left a scar that goes across his body completely. Maka is unable to look at the scar or even look Soul in the eyes because she feels the injury he sustained is her fault alone. With Maka being stand-off Soul is having dreams of a short evil Demon who keeps luring him with ultimate power but at what cost. This demon he dreams of seem to know everything about him and it is hard for Soul not to follow.

After Tsubaki’s fight with Masamune she has acquired the ability to transform into the Enchanted sword but Black Star is unable to wield it without hurting himself or Tsubaki. Dr. Stein comes up with a tool that may hep Black Star, a Jar full of a Water like liquid that will drain Black Star’s soul each time he puts his hand in it. Each time he does this he grows a little stronger and if there is one thing Black Star is good at is he thinks he is good at everything which focuses his arrogance into straight training fuel since any other person that uses this type of liquid would die.

Medusa is still infiltrating the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy) and witches Ribbit and Mouse are completely against what she is doing since Medusa runs the risk of exposing all the other witches. But Medusa is powerful, and powerful enough to kill Mouse and enslave Ribbit with her soul snakes. She forces Ribbit to release an infamous criminal in Prision number thirteen, the Man with the Magic Eye!

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