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Soul Eater: Episode 11 – Tsubaki the Camellia Blossom – What Lies Beyond the Grief?

Soul Eater: Tsubaki

Soul Eater: Tsubaki

Black Star and Tsubaki are on a mission to collect their first soul if they can defeat Masamune, but the real mission is for Tsubaki to beat Masamune and keep alive. Tsubaki goes into the Enchanted sword alone to fight Masamune who is actually her brother. While Tsubaki is locked in battle Black Star waits patiently as the village of Shin beat him unmercifully because of his ninja Star Clan heritage.

While Tsubaki is engaged in battle with Masamune, they attack each other by sucking each other soul, who ever has the stronger soul will win. Tsubaki pities her brother since she inherited all of the different weapons from her family except for the Enchanted Sword that her brother carries, he feels jipped because she got everything she wanted and he was only left with the one weapon. She is reminded that the name Tsubaki is a flower with no fragrance and when she falls it will be silent and tragic which weakens her confidence. But with Black Star by her side he is able to communicate with her and remind her of the time they have spent with each other hoping that it will give her the will to fight harder. Because of the bond Black Star and Tsubaki have with each other she allows Masamune to touch her soul to show him what true love can be like, but it is enough to change his heart?

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