Posted by Vegito on Apr 26, 2011

Soul Eater: Episode 1 – Soul Eater, Becoming a Death Scythe

In this world there are too many souls that are out in the world that need to be gathered by Death Himself. So Death has created and academy of Meisters and Scythes to help with the resent rise that has left Death overwhelmed with work. A Scythe is a person who can turn into a weapon that a Meister can weld to do battle. After a Scythe eats 99 souls and one Witch it will become an ultimate weapon, the Death Scythe.

Maka Albarn, a Meister, and Soul Eater Evan has reached their 99th eaten soul and well on their way to graduating the academy and Evan gets his dream of becoming a Death Scythe. They find their target and within seconds go into battle with a witch named Blair, and with some crafty maneuvers and trickery are able to destroy Blair and eat her soul.

Once Evans finds out that he has not obtained the power of the Death Scythe right away the confused Evans turns to the ground where a cat with a witches hat is sitting, laughing at him. Turns out Blair was not a Witch at all and was actually just a cat with a huge amount of magical powers. And unfortunately for Maka and Soul Eater Evan, now they must start over completely because failure to get a Witch means all of their 99 souls have been confiscated.

This Anime series has started off well and the plot line seems solid in this early episode.

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