Posted by Vegito on Jan 5, 2014

Soul Eater: Episode 1 – Soul Eater, Becoming a Death Scythe

Maka with her death Scythe Seul.

Maka with her death Scythe Seul.

The Reaper Death has become extremely busy since evil spirits have decided to descend into Keshin. Keshin are the evil epirits who feast upon good souls to be come more powerful after eating multiple souls. Death develops a school for students who have been determined Meisters and Scythes. A Meister is one who have the ability to weld weapons and can destroy evil souls, a Weapon is a person who is able to transform into a weapon or Death Scythe. A Meister and Scythe’s job in Deaths school is to learn how to equalize their wave lengths to become a more powerful Meister and Scythe combination able to take down any Keshin.

As a final test a Meister and Scythe must defeat and eat 99 evil souls and one witch. this is how all the students in Death’s school aspire to do.

Soul eater focuses on one partnership specifically which is Maka a Death Scythe’s daughter and Seul a learning Death Scythe.


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