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Samurai 7

Samurai 7 is an awesome anime, it is based of the original 7 Samurai and Magnificent 7 TV Shows from back in day. A huge war took place between Samurai’s and in this huge battle the merchants who built war machines have become the main suppliers of all the super weapons involved, the bigger the Samurai armor showed the rank of each samurai. After the war the Merchants became the omnipotent power leaving many of the unprincipled Samurai to become Bandits.

The story takes place  in a village named Kanna where the villagers fear the end of the year because of Bandits with their huge Samurai Robots and ships will come and take all of the rice crops and women  and will leave the village starving and poor. The Elder of the Village has decided to hire 4 Samurai to guard the village against the bandits, so he sends the water priestess Kirara and Komachi Mikumari to find them using the water crystals bestowed on them. They find and Elder hardened Samurai known as Shimada Kanabe to become the main pillar in the Samurai team chosen by the water crystal. Shimada forms a team of 7 Samurai who will work for rice and defend the village of Kanna, but they really fight for the people and the way of the real Samurai. Each of the 7 Samurai must learn to fight together to defeat the Bandits, plus a sinister plan is put together by the Merchants for world domination.

Shimada Kanbe – the most hardened of all 7 Samurai and also the most experienced. His sword is as good as his tactics and he is also known to teach each of the Samurai about themselves and the real, way of the Samurai. He is the leader of this pack.

Okamoto Katsushiro – the youngest Samurai and the most green his nobility is extremely strong but he is also extremely naive, he relies a lot on Shimada to show him the way. He is also in love the the Water Priestess Kirara and attaches himself to her as her own personal protector.

Kikuchiyo (Kiku) – a farmer turned cyborg and fakes his way into becoming a Samurai, he has a farmers heart and wishes only to be recognized as a Samurai. He often is the comedy relief of the crew, easily angered by moral dilemma, and has the largest heart of the group. Because of his  huge heart Shimada recognizes him as a Samurai.

Katayama Gorobei – is a samurai turned entertainer, a gambler by trade since he gave up his ways as a Samurai. But his quick reflexes and adaptable tricks caught Shimada’s eye and was recruited immideiately to be a part of the village defending Samurai force.

Hayashida Heihachi – the second youngest in the group, during the great war he was more of an engineer and uses his sword mostly for cutting wood to make money or trade for goods. His talent lies in his ability to construct and engineer machines that will help in their quest to protect the village. He is a connoisseur and fondness of rice.

Shichiroji – fought along side Shimada in the great war, was known to be more of a pilot for Shimada and he uses a spear instead of the usual Samurai Sword. He is more of the playboy type and more about following Shimada during the village’s time of need.

Kyuzo – the most mysterious of all the 7 Samurai, his steel is the best, next to Shimada. Originally he was a protector for the main Merchant supplier, but after one battle with Shimada that had to be stopped in the middle of the fight, he decided to join the rest of the Samurai to defend the village. He does not believe in the cause, he only wants to make sure that he keeps Shimada alive so that he can fight Shimada himself. He only defends the village so that one day he can kill Shimada in a fair sword battle. When asked why he wants to kill Shimada his response is, “He is Samurai”.


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