Posted by Vegito on Oct 6, 2013

Robotech Voltron Crossover Comic by Dynamite Entertainment

Voltron Robotech Macross crossover comic book

Voltron Robotech Macross crossover comic book

In what could be the most interesting comic book to date Voltron and Robotech has been merged together into a brand new universe. What is even more cool is that the front over has Prince Lotor the dark prince in Voltron and Roy Fokker of Skull Squadron from Robotech on it. This series looks to throw back everyone to the original Macross Series and sets place on Macross Island while the time line for Voltron is before Price Lotor dies in their series.

Etiehr way this comic book should be a huge blast as for the first time we get to look at the Lions of Voltron force team up with the Veritechs that Robotech fans all love of the greatest  Suadron of all time Skull Squadron.

On the Dynamite Comics website this is their pitch for the Comic:

“Two of the greatest anime legends of all time are about to collide in one epic saga! The Lion Force team faces the return of a mysterious ancient adversary that could jeopardize the very existence of Voltron itself. The repercussions threaten to reach across the fabric of time and space, all the way to Earth. How will Roy Fokker and the Skull Squadron cope with such a new menace, especially with the Zentraedi looming over Macross Island? What opportunities will King Lotor pursue in a crisis like this?”

You can view this by clicking here!

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