Posted by Vegito on Apr 25, 2011

Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles

Robotech the Shadow Chronicles starts up where the Robotech: New Generation (Mospedia) ends the aliens Invids have left mostly because the second REF (Robotech Expeditionary Force) Shows up with their new Veritech Alpha Fighter with Shadow Technology install that renders each craft invisible to the Invid. The Invid flee because they know something more about the technology then the REF knows.

Scott Bernard the sole survivor of the original REF task force that was annihilated by the Invid initially has regrouped with his military brethren, and Marlene has sought him back out. Scott Bernard must battle himself internally for his love for Marlene an Invid herself and the search for Rick Hunter who is currently lost out in space some where. The REF finds a new enemy one who knows the weakness of the shadow technology along and loose Admiral Rick Hunter somewhere in space.

This DVD is a great addition to any Robotech fan that has been yearning for a sequel to the New Generation / Mospedia series and you will not be disappointed with the new animation as well as the partial CGI of the new ships and Alpha Shadow Fighters. This Movie is not drawn out by any means and sticks you right into the action that Robotech fans rightfully deserve. The only draw back to this movie it makes you wants a sequel right away.

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