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Robotech: Macross Saga – Episode 1

Robotech: Macross Saga – Episode 1

Booby Trap

The Earth is in peril form the third world war the Earth is in complete chaos from all the nations fighting against each other until there is a crash on a island in the South Pacific that makes all the wars stop. An Alien space craft crashes on the island that makes governments around the world realize they are not alone. The research and rebuild the space craft on the island deconstructing the huge craft and developing what they now call Robotechnology and they name the island Macross island.

A young circus pilot by the name of Rick Hunter comes to Macross island to visit his brother Roy Fokker who has been fighting the the Third World Wars for the past few years. And after a quick stunt by Rick Hunter, Roy must first control his brother from showing up his brand new pilots. Roy Explains to his brother he will not be returning to the circus because of the new ship and discoveries.

Quickly the episode takes a huge turn as aliens named the Zentradi find the destroyed craft now renamed the SDF-1 but as the enter the Earths orbit the SDF-1 controls itself and fires a shot that destroys a few of the Zentradi ship as it gets near to Earth. The captain of the SDF-1 finds out that who ever these aliens are, are not the wrecked crafts allied but enemies of the craft and it set off a booby trap.

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