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Robotech adventures in new trade paperbacks for the 20th anniversary of Robotech’s debut in China!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Robotech’s debut in China, comic book publisher Xinhua Winshare has announced the release of new trade paperback versions of the Robotech comics produced by DC Comics’ Wildstorm production studio. Each of these specially printed volumes have been carefully adapted for the Chinese market under the supervision of Harmony Gold in close association with the Robotech Union @ China fan site. To give fans the possible best value, each trade paperback has been packed with new supplemental material.

Robotech: From the Stars
In 1999, the warring nations of the world abruptly stop fighting when a giant alien battlefortress crash-lands in the Pacific, revealing that humans are not alone in the universe. Experience the adventures of young Roy Fokker as he joins a secret team of engineers under a new United Earth Government as they race to develop the secret transforming weapon that would become known as the VF-1. However, enemies lurk within their ranks, determined to steal this new technology before the arrival of the Zentraedi. This special anniversary compilation also contains character and mecha descriptions, preliminary designs, and commentary by creative director Tommy Yune.

Robotech: Love & War Stories
In the year 2031 after the Second Robotech War, Lieutenant Commander (Major) Dana Sterling prepares to evacuate the Earth as the Invid invade the planet. Thinking back about being raised in a world always at war with aliens, she recalls the early adventures of Max and Miriya in greater detail than revealed before, leading up to their legendary alliance. The companion story, “Mars Base One”, follows the first relationship of Lisa Hayes and Karl Riber, years before Rick Hunter. Karl is sent to Mars to test a secret power generator reverse-engineered from the SDF-1, but its activation attracts an unwelcome adversary. This special anniversary compilation also contains mecha descriptions and a timeline and universe chart.

Robotech: Invasion
Robotech’s New Generation launches into action as a large-scale war erupts against the Invid. In the year 2038, Admiral Hunter’s expeditionary force is about to unleash its first mission to reclaim the Earth from the occupation of the mysterious Invid race. At the front line of this daring mission is Lieutenant Lance Belmont, also known as “Lancer”, of the 10th Mars division. When the battle does not go as planned, Lancer discovers that the struggle for the freedom of the people on Earth is a more difficult endeavor than he had ever imagined. The companion story, “Little White Dragon”, follows the filming of pop star Lynn Minmei’s action movie which retells the legend of a giant which terrorizes the Chinese countryside in the year 999. However, is there more to the story behind the legend? This special anniversary compilation also contains a timeline and universe chart, mecha descriptions, preliminary designs, and an interview with artist Jo Chen.

Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles
This comic book adventure tells the exciting story leading up to the to animated movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. An Expeditionary Force under the command of Rick and Lisa Hunter embarked to the stars in search of the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. However, its discovery would start an interstellar conflict that would last for decades. Though an uneasy alliance is reached with alien forces, the mysterious Invid Regent remains an obstacle to peace. However, a secret pact with an enemy within the ranks threatens to start a new war over the new science of Shadow Technology…one that could destroy the Expeditionary Force. This special anniversary compilation also contains a timeline and universe chart, mecha descriptions, and a special section about the animation production of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

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