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Perfect Accessory to your Trigun Vash the Stampede Costume

Vash the Stampede Style Sunglasses

Vash the Stampede Style Sunglasses

If you are looking for a great costume accessory for your Vash the Stampede costume we found some cheap red circle sunglasses for your costume or to feel like Vash all the time. Each one of these sunglasses is only 12.00 and they are high quality. Silver metal frame with bright red sun glass lens for a perfect fit if you have a skinny head or a large head these sunglasses are excellent all around.

Trigun is a great Anime based in a post-apocalypse earth where Vash is known as the 10 billion dollar man. He travels the world looking for love and peace but always seems to find trouble he is known at the 10 billion dollar man because that is the bounty for his capture. But he is a true samurai as he has never killed a soul and even though he was built as a weapon he only wishes to find pure peace even though his luck makes him run into the direct opposite no matter what.

Two women named Meyrle and Mille are looking to follow Vash because their insurance company needs to ensure that every insurance claim surrounding Vash is legit and they become his friends in allies in this desolate world.

This is a great anime story that every Animaniacs should check out and if you are looking for the Sun Glass style that Vash has, you need to check them out here!

Vash the Stampede Glasses

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