Posted by Vegito on Apr 28, 2011

Master of Martial Hearts: Episode 5 – Flames

It is Aya’s last battle and she immediately goes tot he top of a building to fight a woman who is psychic and know every move and every thought of Aya before she does it. The battle get more strenuous as the Psychic begins to probe Aya’s feeling and her past, how she associates her self with the first fighter Miko because in the past Aya was the girl who never could make friends because she was such a bully. This causes Aya to go into a full rage and now the Psychic can not read her thoughts or predict her moves.

After the fight everyone ends up coming together including past fighters for an unbelievable truth, the past, and present comes together for a crazy unpredictable ending and huge secrets revealed.

Story Line:
Art Work:

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